What is D2L?

Whether you’re a new campus or WED student or you’re a current student, the D2L Help Site will help you succeed. If your classes don’t use D2L yet, you might want to take the time to become acquainted. More and more classes are making requiring D2L and you may find yourself in one soon!

D2L is a program that allows students to turn in homework, take quizzes, post on the discussion board, and organize notes and homework to name just a few things.  You can even have your class lectures right there!

Don’t know where to start? On the D2L Help site there are videos and tutorials that show you around. You’ll be a pro in no time!

The D2L help site can be very useful if you encounter problems while completing your coursework. We’re constantly working to update and improve the site, so please feel free to make suggestions!

Instructional Design Team

from the Desire2Learn Demonstration Library

If you need assistance on any other SMWC system such as E-Mail please contact our helpdesk.