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Create iQuizs for iPod

Using Respondus Questions with iPod Quiz
(requires iTunes 6.0 or higher)






The first step to creating your very own iQuiz pack is downloading iQuiz Maker free from Aspyr. iQuiz Maker lets you write your own True or False and multiple choice questions and choose themes to customize the look of your quiz. Add a new group, add a quiz, type in your questions, select your answers — even write the messages players see when they win or lose. You can have your own quiz up and running in minutes. And when you’re done, you can save your quiz and share it with friends.

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Using Respondus Questions with iPod Quiz (source from

Respondus Multiple Choice, True-False and Calculated questions can be used with the iPod Quiz game that comes bundled with most iPod models (for the iPod Video, 5th generation, you must purchase the "iQuiz" game separately from the iTunes store for 99 cents).  

Installing Respondus questions into iPod Quiz
  1. Create a temporary folder on your computer.
  2. Copy the iPod Quiz zip file generated from Respondus to the temporary folder you created.
  3. Unzip the files to the temporary folder.
  4. Now locate the iQuiz folder within iTunes. On Windows computers the default iTunes folder is located at:

    My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iPod Games\iQuiz\

    On Macintosh computers the default iTunes folder is located at:

    ~/Music/iTunes/iPod Games/iQuiz/

    where the tilde "~" represents your home directory.

  5. Drag the contents of the temporary folder into the iQuiz folder
    Note - do not drag the temporary folder itself since iPod Quiz games cannot be more than one folder below the iQuiz folder
  6. Connect your iPod and synchronize with iTunes

Viewing Respondus questions in iPod Quiz

Once the iPod has been synchronized, follow these steps to play the iPod Quiz game with the Respondus questions:

  1. Start your iPod
  2. Select Extras from the main menu
  3. Select Games
  4. Select the iPod Quiz game
  5. When iPod Quiz starts select New Game
  6. Select the Respondus group
  7. Select the desired quiz

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