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"Find a quiet place to record." "Open your sound recording program and begin recording your podcast." (from Yahoo PODCATS)

Choose one method:
Using a Voice Memo with iPod
Using a microhone


STEP 1Recording Your Audio




   Making a Voice Memo with iPod
  • Recording quality is quite good
  • Sleek, attractive design complements iPod perfectly
  • Pass-through jack lets user connect headphones or external mic

Making a Voice Memo with iPod 22.4 MB (Video File) 

To record:

  1. Connect the TuneTalk™ Stereo to the bottom of the iPod. The "Record" function will launch when you do this. with the "Record" option highlighted, press or press the "Select" button to begin recording. To pause recording, press again or highlight "Pause" and then press the "Select" button on the iPod.
  2. During recording, there are two options" "pause" and "Stop and Save". To end a recording, either press the "Menu" button or highlight the "stop and Save" option, and then press the "Select" button. This saves your recording and lists it by date and time recorded.
  3. To begin another recording, go to the top of the "Voice Memos" menu and select "Record Now"; or, from the iPod menu, select "Extra > Voice Memos > Record Now". Or simply press the "Quick Memo" button on the TuneTalk Stereo.

To select the recording quality:

From the iPod menu, select "Extra > Voice Memos > Quality". Pressing the "Select" button will toggle between Low (22.05kHz, mono) or High (44.1kHz, stereo).

(Source from BELKIN User Manual)

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Using a voice recording program: Audacity (Free)

Download Audacity here:

Audacity can record live audio through a microphone or mixer, or digitize recordings from cassette tapes, vinyl records, or minidiscs. With some sound cards, it can also capture streaming audio.

Creating a simple Podcast with Audacity (Help document)

To record:


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Using a Web-based recorder:  

Create Podcasts

  • CREATECREATE new audio with our Web recorder
  • IMPORTIMPORT audio already hosted on the Web

Publish Your Work

  • ADDADD your podcast to the Odeo Directory
  • SYNDICATESYNDICATE automatically with RSS and iTunes
  • CHOOSECHOOSE from a variety of players and buttons
  • LEARNLEARN how many times your audio is played

Recordings are limited to one hour. Think you need more? Write us at and let them know.


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